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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

    OPINION: Female Child Abuse In Nigeria And The Modern Day Negligent Mothers, By Sadiq Umar Abdullahi

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    The Nigerian society especially the North is experiencing an increase in the number of child abuse and human trafficking at an alarming rate which is visible in a vast number of residences across the country.

    Today, one can’t help but wonder why an immoral, systemic and unhindered act of employing underaged girls in houses to handle chores and look after children that are equally the same age as them in most cases which can be found almost 8 out of 10 houses with mostly under-aged female workers between the age gap of 7 to 12 year olds has become a new trend and a business venture for some misguided persons.

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    There is clearly an existing cartel whom will stand as beneficiaries with the aid of some sadistic minds that explore poor families in rural areas with the sole purpose of taking them from their parents in order to distribute and channel them from one state to the other and from one house to the other, of which they are assigned to work and be rotated in a minimum of every three to six months formula.

    Even more disturbing is the fact that it is impossible to confirm if they are taken from their families at their own free will because their employers are never allowed to know the location they departed from and also impossible, is to locate them in the event of any domestic crisis.

    All that is relied upon is phone number of the male or female agent that delivers them to the homes their orders were placed.

    It is blatantly clear that the agents responsible for sending them to a plethora of houses across the country have come to realize how lucrative the business has become through the commission they derive from the funds that are paid for their services while they carry out their duties before sending the remaining funds to the parents of the underaged girls that live in different parts of rural areas which are impossible to locate without chasing the bait or forcing the agent to identify the area.

    It is safe to say that the underaged female girls might end up getting nothing from the funds of which they rendered their services in the most demanding and exhaustive mannerisms. The vast majority of the underaged females are sent to alien families without proper arrangements and with total disregard, to the dangers, they are being exposed to, of which the families they work for cannot be relied upon to secure their safety, status and family morals.

    Some could be rapists, pedophiles, serial killers, human traffickers or ritualistic in character. The cartel that provides their services usually let them reside in residents for only a few months before moving them back to their families and designate them to a different household due to the fear of knowing their true identity and locating their biological parents.

    The underaged workers are employed with a different name all through their stay in every family house. The workers can easily take advantage and abuse the children they were hired to take care of in the most tragic and despicable manner in the places of work that they are assigned to look after.

    There are several cases of which deaths have been recorded in in the past few years where the victims turn out to be the employee or children of the employers as exposed by some video clip that shows the house-helps brutally assaulting children at an age of less than a year old, which has raised an uproar in society but still persists nonetheless due absence of severe penalties.

    Their employers ought to realize that they are exposing their homes to criminals that can easily extract information from the household and communicate to armed robbers and all sorts of dangerous acts. The repulsive manner in which they are treated in some houses gives true testaments and reasons for their hazardous and devastating actions.

    The people that employ them should be conscious of the fact that they are equally loved by their parents hence the need to treat these children with love. They should consider giving them the opportunities they give to their children in order to secure their future as opposed to treating them like slaves in their various households.

    It is long overdue for the government and the entire people in society to stand up for this noble cause of putting an end to the dangerous and criminal act of female child abuse across the country and the globe to a larger extent.

    A harsh penalty should be imposed on the cartels and agents responsible for such actions regardless of how well organized, powerful and rich they are in order to bring an end to the unfortunate situation which is foiled with unpredictable severe consequences if allowed to prevail. A harsher punishment should be imposed on both the biological parents and the families that employ them to take care of their household for encouraging the inhumane female child abuse.

    What could possibly be the logic, rationale, and gains of underaged girls looking after infants and other underaged children? Such standards and actions that depicts the variable differences between women in the days of old that take care of over ten children and create a working system within the home to carry out the entire family chores as opposed to women of today that cannot even take care of a single child without employing underaged children to handle their God-given duties as mothers with regard to family and household affairs.

    The most unfortunate part of the situation is, you will find less privileged underaged girls in less privileged homes taking care of less privileged children. What will be the end result of such actions? Nothing but a primitive and decadent future generation of kids and absolute moral hazard in society.

    May Allah SWA continue to bless, guide and protect us with his infinite wisdom and mercy. Amin Ya Rahman

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