Ways To Make Valentine Memorable For Your Partner

Ways To Make Valentine Memorable For Your Partner

It’s the time of the year when more attention is paid to romance and intimacy in a relationship. That time of the year where there is a big increase in the sales of love-gift items to appreciate your lover.

While alot of people focus more on just the gifting, a few focus on how to make the day extremely special for their partners cos they wish to understand their partners more and have their partners get filled with amazing memories of February 14th.

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If you dont want to have the normal and random Valentine like the one you celebrated last year, read below to learn some ways you can make this valentine memorable for your loved ones.

Reaffirm your love for your partner

Reaffirm? really is this what i am reading? take a chill pill as you know that relationships can really get boring as you spend more together with your partner. There is much familiarity and ‘I love you’ word readily comes out of your mouth to your partner because there this natural feeling that there are more important things in a relationship to pay attention to. Bring those old memories to your partner by letting out the magic word, ‘I love you.’

It might be small but coming out from your mouth really does mean a lot to him or her. You could also openly declare your love on the social media. You can put your partner’s picture on your Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp display picture. All these little details matter a lot because they didn’t see it coming.

Take your date down memory lane

There’s no better day to reflect on what makes you so happy with your partner in the first place. A great way to celebrate your relationship is to make a scrapbook—look through old pictures, find cute stickers and paper and then channel your inner Warhol. If making a full scrapbook is too time-consuming, you could use cardboards colourfully.

Special gifts

Beyond all the other things that you do for your spouse to make the day special for your partner, buying a valuable gift that you can afford isn’t really a bad idea.

If you decide to choose jewellery, clothes or others you need to make it special. For instance, if you decide to surprise your partner with jewelry, you can make it special by customising a message on the jewellery. What could be better than surprising your partner (if you are still dating) with an engagement ring on Valentine’s Day with a custom message “I will be yours forever.” The gifts you buy your partner on Valentine’s Days should be special and different from the ones you buy him/her on a day-to-day basis.

You don’t want to buy her the usual love card with an obvious message, do you? On the contrary, you can actually customise a romantic card and write in it a romantic message that is deep from your heart. This will make your significant other feel that your love for him/her is genuine.

Again, don’t just buy some chocolate. How about you ordering a chocolate in the shape of the love symbol with a breathtaking message written on it? The goal is to make Valentine’s Day special and different from what you two do on the other days.

Cook A Special Meal

Cook something special for your partner. If you are the man, go to the kitchen and surprise your spouse with a simple mouth-watering dish. As a woman, you can cook something different from the regular, take extra effort to prepare something nice for your partner and dress it up! make his favourite in a very loveable way, Make it look fancy. Put the food on your special occasions-only. Maybe you’re not the best cook, but there are many supermarkets that have fully prepared tasty meals. Whatever you are spending on groceries for the week, forego a few items to accommodate the payment for this ready-to-eat meal.

Take your date down memory lane

There’s no better day to reflect on what makes you so happy with your partner in the first place. play songs that mean something to you both, look through old pictures, visit places that mean something to you two. it wont be a bad idea recreating your first date ever you know.

Notice the Details
There is no better way to make your partner feel special than to give them what they need before they ask you. This means you have to really watch things like their body language and the smallest details. If you can anticipate and fulfill their needs, they'll be amazed and think you are reading their minds, when you're simply just noticing the details.

Give yourself

Everyone can buy expensive gifts with custom messages; your partner will appreciate your presence more. Try to connect with each other, smile, laugh and cuddle. Let your actions communicate louder.

Try and get physical. This got your attention, right? The kind of physical involves going for walks in a park, taking a 10-minute jog or even a pillow fight. Engage in anything physical activity that will make the day memorable and bring joy to both of you. Organise a romantic dinner for you and your partner which both of you would cook together. This would make the dinner more creative and more fun with both of you engaged in all the activities. You both decide on what you want to cook and then take individual responsibilities for each action. Cooking together has a way of strengthening the emotional bond between lovers. The looks, the corporation, and the feeding each other, that’s something that can’t be forgotten in a hurry. For the ladies, they would want it repeated always.

Set the mood

The last thing you would want is to have an argument on Valentine’s Day. This is not the day to review all the wrongs you have done to each other. This is a special day for you and your partner to celebrate the love you feel for each other. The setting of the place needs to be romantic. You can have candles, flowers and a playlist of the songs you and your significant other likes.

“You can also try watching the sunset together or even lying on the grass and count the stars as you cuddle. Try as much as possible to set a joyful and cheerful mood. Let the tears shed on Valentine’s Day be the tears of joy and not of sorrow,” lifehacks.org added.

Appreciate your Partner

It goes beyond just exchanging gifts but also appreciating the gift your partner gives to you. In as much as some partners have a way of not sacrificing by going out of their way to get a valuable gift, learn to appreciate them and with time you can communicate your feelings towards that particular gift. ladies and gents, go out of your way to present a gift worth appreciating to your partner.

Do dinner in bed

Going out for Valentine dinner is the traditional thing couples do on Valentine ’s Day but what about spending the night relaxing over good food and cozy company, instead of cramped with strangers.

The big things are not what really makes a relationship beautiful, the small ones help to rejuvenate relationships.

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