How ISIS Leader, Al-Baghdadi Was Sold Out By His Wife

How ISIS Leader, Al-Baghdadi Was Sold Out By His Wife

Reports suggests that slain leader of Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s whereabout was allegedly leaked to the American forces by one of his numerous wives.

The New York Daily Report revealed on Tuesday that one of Al-Baghdadi’s wives released the whereabouts of the slain terrorist leader. The woman was arrested in Iraq last week along with a man who was a courier for the extremist Muslim organization.

According to the US tabloid, the wife said that her husband was in the northern Syrian village of Barisha. The US newspaper did not mention either the name of the informant.

Islam allows Muslims to have up to four marriages simultaneously and Al Baghdadi was no exception on the culture.

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Meanwhile, Newsweek magazine reported that the leadership of the terrorist group was taken over by Iraqi Turk Abdullah Kardash, whose name is sometimes spelt Karshesh and is also known as Hadji Abdullah al-Afari.

According to recent reports, al-Baghdadi’s remains were transported to a US base in Iraq. Probably the dust of the slain ISIS boss will be scattered in the sea. had reported that Al-Baghdadi died after U.S. forces carried out an operation in Syria. During the raid, al-Baghdadi was chased down a dead-end tunnel, where he set off his suicide vest, killing himself and three children with him. Five other people were killed in the compound by the Delta Force; two adult males were captured and are in custody.

Confirming the death of the terrorist leader, U.S President Donald Trump said Al-Baghdadi died like a dog.

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