#ENDSARS Protest: Abdulsalami Sues For Peace

#ENDSARS Protest: Abdulsalami Sues For Peace

Former Military Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubarkar yesterday called on Nigerian youths and propagators of, #ENDSARS# protests across the country to give peace a chance, sheath their swords and give room for a dialogue with the government.

General Abdulsalami has equally appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to pay attention and address the grievances being expressed by Nigerians youths who has taken to the streets in protest and layout programmes that would addresses the core objectives of their grievances.

Reacting to the crisis which has claimed several lives and properties worth several millions of Naira, the former Nigerian leader told journalists in Minna that, though it started peacefully, the scenario whereby what was peaceful protests is now hijacked by hoodlums call for concerns.

The former President further regretted that, “These unfortunate incidents is spreading and causing serious concerns to many well meaning Nigerians and if care is not taken it might take the country to a point of no return”.

While appealing to the youths who have strongly and clearly made their points known to withdraw from streets and prepare for dialogue with the relevant government agencies, General Abdulsalam said their refusal to heed the call for dialogue is not helping matters.

The former Nigeria’s Military Head of State nevertheless appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to continue address the grievances expressed by the youths and layout programmes that meet and addresses core objectives of the protest.

General Abdulsalami also lamented the hijacking of the protests by criminals resulting to not only violent destruction of government critical infrastructures but private properties as well as providing the enabling opportunity for release of prisoner’s by hoodlums.

The incidents of the past few weeks has had negative consequences on Nigerians and her economy, and this according to him forced government to send out security agencies to restore law and order which unfortunately instead further led to loss of more innocent lives.

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