COVID19: 254 Killed In One-Day As Death Toll From Coronavirus Hits 1,367

COVID19: 254 Killed In One-Day As Death Toll From Coronavirus Hits 1,367

The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak in China reached 1,367 as of the end of Wednesday, up 254 from the previous day, the country’s National Health Commission said on Thursday.

Across mainland China, there were 15,152 new confirmed infections on Wednesday, bringing the total number to 59,805.

The number of countries where coronavirus cases were registered is also increasing. As of today, 523 cases in 27 countries have been confirmed outside of China. Most of the patients are in Japan (28), Thailand (33), Singapore (50), Hong Kong (50), South Korea (28), Australia (15), Germany (16), USA (13) and Malaysia (18).

The World Health Organization has declared a public health emergency due to the spread of coronavirus.

Meanwhile, health experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) have picked a name for the virus.

At a conference in Geneva on Tuesday, WHO experts announced the name “COVID-19” for the novel coronavirus, which had until now been assigned a generic name.

WHO began a two-day meeting on Tuesday to discuss the epidemic. Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urged countries to step up measures to detect and contain the virus.

“A virus can have more powerful consequences than any terrorist action. If the world doesn’t want to wake up and consider this enemy virus as public enemy number 1, I don’t think we will learn from our lessons,” he said.

“The first vaccine could be ready in 18 months. So we have to do everything today using the available weapons to fight this virus while preparing for the long term using the preparations for the vaccines,” he said.

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The virus, believed to have originated late last year in a seafood market in the central Chinese city of Wuhan that was illegally selling wildlife, has spread to other Chinese cities including Beijing and Shanghai.

This prompted the World Health Organization to declare coronavirus a global emergency, as the outbreak continues to spread outside China.

“The main reason for this declaration is not what is happening in China but what is happening in other countries,” said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

According to China’s National Health Commission, the coronavirus transmission ability is getting stronger and infections could continue to rise because the knowledge of the new virus was limited.

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