10 Lovely Countries To Visit Without Visa

10 Lovely Countries To Visit Without Visa

Are you planning a weekend getaway or a long overdue vacation with someone dear to you but can’t afford the visa fees?

This article features a list of 10 lovely countries that allow you to visit without a Visa. Yes! You read right. NO VISA…

Now you can plan the perfect romantic vacation for yourself and your lover.

Mind you, apart from the visa-free stay offered by these countries, you get to enjoy the sight of beautiful landscapes while dining at the most exquisite restaurants around.

With several dazzling views of the sea, be rest assured that your stay will be filled with amazing, thrilling adventures.


Location: Asia

This country offers a 30-day visa free stay for Nigerians. You will be required to show $500 worth proof of funds and a return ticket.


Location: Southeast Asia

Cambodia offers Nigerians visa upon arrival for a 30-day period.

Cape Verde

Location: West Africa

No visa will be required upon entry provided you have proof that you do not intend to stay permanently. You might also be required to provide proof of funds as well as a return ticket.


Location: Caribbean region

Dominica offers visiting Nigerians Visa-free stay for a period of 21 days.


Location: South Pacific Ocean

You will be offered a free-visa stay for a total of 4 months.


Location: West Africa

Nigerians visiting Ghana do not require a visa to do so. (Free Visa)


Location: The Caribbean

Haiti offers a 3 month Visa-free stay for visiting Nigerians.


Location: South Asia

No Visa will be required of you for a period of 30 days. (30 days Visa-free stay)


Location: East Africa

Madagascar offers visa on arrival for a total of 90 days.


Location: West Africa

You will not require a visa to visit Senegal. (Visa free)

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