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    In our fast-paced world where Information Communication Technology have offered speed to the meanings we share, we have the tendency of wanting it even faster.

    These tendencies are reflected in our choice of communication gadgets and as well as service providers.
    Different people will opine differently on why they prefer one service provider over the other but I intend to take us down memory lane with facts and figures that might make us reconsider our initial considerations.
    In the early 90’s, the telecom industry in Nigeria commenced development. Today Nigeria has the largest telecom market in Africa with hundreds of million subscribers and still growing.
    Lagos, Kano, and Abuja being the biggest markets for cellular network.
    Harnessing the telecom sector has indeed transformed the Nigeria society in many ways. So much so that we cannot overemphasize the socio-economic impact.

    Though some rural areas still don’t have wide access to the mobile network, a good number have been reached and local networks keep developing their 4G networks intensifying coverage in more outskirt areas to reach close to 190 million people.

    Statistics estimates about 150 million mobile subscribers in Nigeria and chief amongst the Service providers for this people is the Mobile Telephone Network (MTN).

    Following the Nigerian GSM auction in May 2001 by the Nigerian Communications Commission NCC, MTN became the first telecom network to make a call in Nigeria. It subsequently went on to launch full commercial operations beginning with Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt.

    So far, it has invested over US$1.8 billion in building telecom infrastructure in Nigeria and it is reputed to be covering more network area than any other telecom company in the country, providing services in 223 cities and towns, more than 10,000 villages and communities and a growing number of highways across the country.

    It is a known business fact that any enterprise that intends succeeding should necessarily have a unique selling point.
    You might be wondering what that of the MTN company is. Simply their digital microwave transmission backbone known as Y’elloBahn.
    The 3,400 Kilometre Y’elloBahn which was commissioned during the regime of former President Olusegun Obasanjos is arguably the most extensive digital microwave transmission infrastructure in all of Africa. It tremendously enhanced the quality of calls on the MTN network.

    Overtime, the network has set the pace in expanding network capacity by introducing new numbering range to accommodate an ever increasing customers base and potential subscribers. Almost every other service provider follows suit while they lead in this regard.

    This piece will be incomplete without a mention of their of their core values which borders on leadership, relationship, integrity, innovation and can-do.

    Some have grudgingly opined that the brand has profited hugely from the Nigerian market, if it so be, we must not also fail to question why the emergence of other service providers have not really threatened their posture in the market.
    Customers and clients understand the difference between quality and quantity but profit abounds more where both are dissipated simultaneously. This is because almost everyone in the social strata has something to appreciate. Sometimes from the solo services provided in the interiors to the network speed offered in the exteriors.
    The MTN brand prides itself on its ability to make the impossible possible, connecting people with friends, family and opportunities.

    Indeed, if other mobile networks must measure up, they have the herculean task of not only discovering what should be their unique selling proposition, but they must also unravel the capacity to offer services with quality and quantity in view. MTN is truly everywhere you go!

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    EFCC Chair Meets Senate Committee On Anti-corruption

    EFCC Chair Meets Senate Committee On Anti-corruption Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Abdulrasheed Bawa, on Wednesday...
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