Five Reasons Why Women Should Be Financially Independent

It’s very wise to marry a man who can provide for your needs but it’s also better to be able to do so yourself. With the current situation of the economy it’s important that both parties planning to have a family are financially independent.

Financial independence is the ability to earn a living for oneself. When a woman thinks about marriage, it is important to also think about financial independence before and during marriage.

Getting married in our society largely necessitates respect, good family values and a lot of other great virtues for women but we often forget the need to be financially independent, having a stand of your own and also knowing how well to manage resources.

Here why women should be financially independent:

* A woman who is financially independent is perceived to be responsible. She is capable of taking decisions without the interference of her partner, except when she needs advice on a particular decision that involves finances.

This increases the self-respect of such women and makes them more confident to face any situation that comes their way. Being financially independent as a woman would enable you fulfill your wishes, and also enhance your skill set.

*A financial independent woman does not feel dependent and does not have to tolerate violence or abuse because they are dependent on their partners for everything.

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The truth is that a man gets tired at the long run when he is the only one providing for the family, especially when he is on the average. Therefore it is extremely important that every woman becomes financially independent so that they never have to feel hopeless in life.

*A woman becomes a role model when she is financially dependent. She is able to support the needs of her family financially, socially and emotionally and would be seen as a role model to her children. If kids see that their mother is financially independent they would understand the value of money and that would inspire them to be self-sufficient when they grow older.

*A woman, who is financially independent, is able to support her partner due to the rise in cost of living .We all know that to own a decent home, send kids to a good school and live decent life has become very high.

Therefore a man cannot be left alone to cater for all this as the support of a woman would be needed. Women who are financially independent would not only contribute to everyday expenses of the household but would also help in meeting the family’s financial goals.

*Finally, a woman who his financially independent is able to cater for the family when there are preemptive emergencies. It is no news that jobs are not super secured as anyone can lose their jobs anytime and neither is life secured. If the man is the only source of income for the family then there would be problem in the nearest 

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