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    A Look At Elon Musk Garage That Has Cars Worth Billions Of Naira

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    Elon Musk, the second richest man in the world, has a surprising taste in automobiles. He is also the founder of Tesla, an electric car that many people have come to see as the future.

    Citing Yahoo Autos, yans.ng compiled some of the cars in the billionaire’s garage and what may have influenced his choice of them.
    You may be wrong if you think Elon only has the latest. Some of his rides are vintage cars that years from now could be very expensive antiques.
    Below is a list of his collection of cars:

    1978 BMW 320i

    This choice of car may have been influenced by his ‘humble’ background. Yahoo Autos rates the car as one of the “most driver-focused vehicles out there”.

    1976 Lotus Espirit “Wet Nellie”

    Growing up watching James Bond movies, the man made sure he owned the vehicle that became a submarine in the movie The Spy Who Loved Me. He got it at almost $1 million (N381,250,000) auction price.

    2012 Porsche 911 Turbo

    Despite Porsche being a big competitor of Tesla with their Taycan electric car, Elon has never hidden his love for the Turbo.

    1997 McLaren F1

    To mark his success years ago from starting PayPal, Elon got himself one of the fastest cars in the world. According to the media, it was after this splash that he decided he would make a car whose speed will beat the F1.

    1920 Ford Model T

    His love for classic automobiles was well expressed with this collection. The car is a gift he got from a close friend.

    1967 Jaguar E-Type

    The man’s love for the Jaguar started when he was a teenager at 17. When he would be able to afford it years later, the automobile broke down while taking it home after purchase.

    2008 Tesla Roadster

    Elon loaded this car onto a rocket in 2018 and took it to space. It was pictured with a man sitting inside it in space as they spun around.

    2021 Tesla Cybertruck

    The photo of this car went viral because of its controversial design.

    Tesla X and S
    These are two different Tesla models that the billionaire is proud to own in his garage.

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